The buzz on Raw Honey

"Eat honey, my child, for it is good." 
~ Proverbs 24:13

Why is raw honey naturally good?

The beauty of raw honey is that you get a product direct from nature.  Busy bees gather the nectar from flowering plants and carry it in their sacs back to the hive where it is stored.  We take honey from the hive and through a simple extraction process to allow you to get honey that is delicious and beneficial.  By keeping our honey unheated and unpasteurized, it helps to ensure the beneficial enzymes and other heat sensitive nutrients naturally found in honey are kept intact.

The extracting process

At Four Little Bees, we want to deliver you a product that is as close to the way nature intended as possible.  That means that our honey has not been heated or filtered. When extracting, frames are placed into stainless steel extractors.  Only the room temperature where the extracting takes placed is raised slightly to assist with the extracting process.  This means that you get a quality raw product that still maintains the natural goodness and health benefits of a natural product.


To keep all the natural goodness of the honey intact, we settle our honey rather than filtering it.  Settling allows the honey to naturally seperate from the larger particles such as wax. Filtering on the other hand generally involves heating the honey and putting it through a very fine filter at a high pressure to remove smaller particles such as pollen and propolis – this is the good stuff that is still present in Four Little Bees honey.  Most processed honey is heat treated to purify the honey but heating honey like that can also take away from the taste and health benefits you get from pure honey.   Our honey is not heat treated so you get to enjoy the benefits of 100% natural honey.

100% Naked

At Four Little Bees, we believe nature produces the best quality honey so why mess with it?!  Nothing has been added to our honey.  It comes straight from the hive to you – raw, delicious and 100% natural.