Our Story

This is my Dad, ‘Dave the Bee Man’. He has been a beekeeper now for over 50 years. He is quite the character - loves the bush, is passionate about beekeeping and the industry and is also known for his bush poetry. Together with my Dad, we produce natural, raw honey.

I grew up on raw honey - I love it’s delicious natural goodness! Now that I have four little ‘bees’ of my own, I work from home and with my Dad, we want to share the joy of naked, raw honey with the local community. I bottle all of the honey on my Dad’s farm and while I may be a little biased, I think the quality of our honey is second to none!

We think what makes our honey so special is the location my father keeps his hives. He travels over 1,000 kms to Thargomindah (200 kms West of Cunamulla) and other parts of far Western Queensland. The bush out there is incredible and full of flowering yapunyah trees. It means that the honey he collects is pure and pretty much free from the toxins and contaminants you find in built-up areas. When he needs to move his hives, he always keeps them West of the Great Dividing Range.

I wouldn’t miss my spoonful a day and love cooking with something that delivers that extra special taste. It’s also a gift to be working with my Dad to bring you the best quality raw Australian honey. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!