Fancy a bit of Bush Poetry?

My Dad is one incredible person.  His approach to life and ability to immediately bring his own brand of humor and warmth to a room is inspiring. He is definitely a man of many talents and besides from being one hell of an apiarist, he also dables in a bit of bush poetry.

With his permission, I'd like to share one of the many poems my Dad has written about the bush and beekeeping.  It makes me smile when I read it and I hope it does the same for you. 

XX Talena


There’s a beehive that stands
by the big gum tree.
Where the bees make honey
for you and for me.

And the magpie sings
at the break of day.
While the bees hum their song
as they go on their way.

They visit the flowers
that grow by the creek.
Where there is lots of nectar
and pollen to seek.

Collecting their food
they fly back to the hive.
And feed the young bees
to keep them alive.

They work all day long
out in the sun.
Making sweet honey
to put on your bun.

If I had a choice,
a bee I would be.
Bringing home honey
to put on your tea.

So let the sun shine
for most of the day.
Then give us rain,
for water I pray.

The bees and the flowers
together will grow.
And soon we will have
a big honey flow.